Vet request (or contact us)

To attend our events, every person has to be vetted. Please contact us through the form below to start the vetting process. Please note that we cannot process same-day or last-minute requests, so please contact us at least 48 hours before an event.

Cuddle Party

How do we vet: Our process takes into account things like your background, history and experience with the sex-positive community, as well as other event venues and events you may have attended (although having experience is not a requirement). We might also examine your online profile on FetLife and other social media. We then have a phone call with you to discuss some of these details and verify that you understand our community, that you are who you say you are, and would not put other guests in harms way.

PLEASE make sure you answer your phone when we call, or call us back promptly. We vet dozens of people every week and don’t have the resources to call multiple times, so if you don't pick-up or call back, the process cannot be completed.

We do not vet or accept individuals who provide false, fake or partial information. We realize that some people in the community are timid about providing these, but it is needed so we can verify you are who you claim to be and protect the community from individuals who might have a problematic history and attempt to mask it. Your identity will be closely guarded, but if you are required or insist on keeping your anonymity from our vet staff, then unfortunately, we cannot safely vet you and would be unable to have you as our guest.

Individuals who attempt to conceal or lie about pertinent information will be permanently banned. Individuals who ignore or attempt to circumvent our safety protocols will be treated as sex-offenders and suffer legal ramifications as appropriate.