Feedback & Testimonials

Over the years, our guests have shared their thoughts and feedback with us in various ways. Some send in personal notes and emails. Others post comments on our public posts on Facebook or Fetlife. Yet others posted reviews on our Yelp pages. On this page, we have collected some of these.

Note 1

This place is awesome and so is Erez Benari, he helps makes sure the vibes are comfortable and relaxing.

Note 2

We all really appreciate being a part of the community and connecting with like-minded friends. Thank you, Erez. :-)

Note 3

You and your efforts have definitely made an impact in the lives of many. I am not only to be one of your partners, but it's an honor just to know you and to know all the wonderful people who have become a part of my life because of you.

Note 4

Even though I haven't been able to attend many events, I am so glad I found you. You have been so gracious and open. Thank you for hosting these groups and bringins such a good message to people.

Note 5

Hi Erez! It was so good to meet you and enjoy the space. I'm very shy and reserved with new people, so you may hav enoticed I was mostly keeping to myself and Dan for most of the evening. I'm sure it will be easier to open up a little as we come to more events, which I'm sure we will! The building area is definitely a little creepy, but once we got into the space it felt very safe and welcoming. Thank you for having such an amazing space, and I look forward to getting to know you and the other regular a littl ebetter in coming months! :)

Note 6

You are such a love muffin! I, and so many in this world, are really lucky to know you and get to SQUISH YOU. Huge hugs, cutie!

Note 7

the owner of the venue is amazing! Great safe atmosphere all around!

Note 8

‚ÄčI haven't been myself, but my GF is there many of the nights they have events and recommends it really highly, and I know the guy who runs it puts on fun events with a good focus on safety. The location is a bit off putting, but the actual space is pretty awesome...and if there are things you'd enjoy in that sort of space, Erez is open to expanding what's available.

Note 9

Erez, Awesome to meet you yesterday. Such an amazing event with amazing people. I don't think something quite like that is possible without your warm and welcoming energy. Thanks and looking forward to seeing you again soon! :-)

Note 10

Just a note to say thanks again for offering Spoonz to the community and doing the hard work that must be involved in making it what it is.

Note 11

Hi Erez, I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for the wonderful time I had at Saturday night's event. I really enjoyed my time and everyone I met. Everyone was welcoming and nice to me, and despite my initial nerves, I was made to feel comfortable early and throughout the night. You were a great host - I'm truly appreciative of what you do for our community. Looking forward to next time!

Note 12

I love coming here to be in a sex positive environment. It's always chill and inviting. I have been to a few events and have always felt comfortable with everyone there. Everything you can think of is provided if needed.

Note 13

I really enjoyed this place, I have social anxiety and so when I finally got the guts to go I felt welcome. It has both snacks and the welcoming air of the place. Even though I had gone by my self I was easily able to find a cuddle puddle that I was even invited to. overall it was quite enjoyable and look forward to going each week that I go and would recommend it to anyone looking for a cuddle centric venue.

Note 15

I consider Spoonz one of the best possible ways to become comfortable with kink venues. The owner is a very sweet and gentle man, which helped with my own issues regarding masculine presenting people. It can get crowded so that might be difficult for some people but it is also very open and relaxing.

Note 14

This place is Awesome! For a cuddle enthusiast and knowledge seeker like me, Spoonz gives a warm, comfortable and safe environment to cuddle with others, relax and have a quiet chat or explore something else that this community has to offer. There are many different events each week and recently some short seminars that teach more about the community. Erez (the owner) is Great! He always has a smile and a warm hug, if you want one. I would definitely recommend coming to check it out, and I have too many of my friends.

Note 16

I love this place! The owner vets everybody who attends which keeps things safe and clean, and the people there are super nice and welcoming. I always attend the "Embrace" events (platonic cuddles), but they have a lot of other types of events and classes too for a variety of different tastes and interests.

Note 17

Wonderful place! The atmosphere is super chill and everyone is welcoming. I had a ton of fun and will be going as often as possible! The layout is excellent with all the options for all kinds of activities.

Note 18

Spoonz is lovely! The proprietor works hard to make it a safe and welcoming space, and takes pains to offer friendly, low-key those who are having a hard time asking others to cuddle. There's a good, fairly brief talk on bodily autonomy and consent before you're allowed inside, and this helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Note 19

Spoonz is an exceptional place with very exceptional people. Attending my first event alone based on only what I could find about the place online, I was admittedly hesitant at first, but Spoonz quickly became one of my favorite touch-positive spaces in the area. Using the directions I got from the owner in the relatively stress-free vetting process, I was able to easily navigate to Spoonz and the included parking. Although not a must-have, I will say the ample free parking and convenient/freeway accessible location are nice because they reduce potential stressors before events and make the departure process less jarring. Once I entered Spoonz (which is not obvious but not hidden if you read the directions), the owner introduced himself to me and a few of his friends who regularly attend events and help to keep things welcoming (although the owner has been at every event as far as I know). After a short but adequate overview of the rules, the event officially started, and I was quickly invited to cuddle in with some of the regulars, which was admittedly a small group at the time, but has grown quite a bit in just a few months. The positive atmosphere and experience I had my first time at Spoonz have persisted through the many events I have been to since. Every time I get the opportunity to catch up with (or meet) and cuddle with wonderful caring people. The rules and expectations for each event are made clear both online and in-person, and I never feel pressured or shamed to do or not do anything as long as everyone follows the rules (which really hasn't been an issue). Helping with this, the variety and frequency of different types of events means that if one doesn't interest you the next probably will, and new types are created all the time (included ones based on suggestion Overall, I thoroughly appreciate the community that's developed at Spoonz. It's hard to believe I've only been going there for a few months, but I plan to keep going for many more.

Note 20

Spoonz is a really nice place for cuddling and other entertainment. Owner is such a sweetheart who is helpful and kind. I've been to a few cuddle events and it's always been great. Lovely atmosphere and lovely people.

Note 21

Spoonz is a very fun safe place for cuddling. The owner does a wonderful job of orienting everyone to this cuddling space. I've made lots of new friends here and I'm always excited to come back with my monthly pass. I think this cuddling is good for my health. Woo hoo cuddles!!!

Note 22

I've been to a handful of cuddle events and they're always good fun; awesome people and great atmosphere and the proprietor Erez is a lovely human. Everyone is respectful and all work to make the environments both inclusive and safe. I've met a number of wonderful people who have become amazing friends. I look forward to being able to join again in the future and hopefully make it a regular thing.

Note 23

I frequent this place for my share of human contact in this world otherwise devoid for most of us. Everyone I met is super kind and friendly. It's a great time that will leave you wondering why you didn't find this sooner...probably because there's nothing quite like it elsewhere :)

Note 24

Unique service to the community. Inspired leadership. Respectful and ethical members. Highly recommend this organization.

Note 25

I recently had a chance to attend several of the cuddling events organized by this promoter. They gave me an opportunity to socialize, cuddle and interact with other warm, caring human beings and helped me feel more integrated and whole as a person. In today's society it's hard to find the personal touch and human contact all individuals need in order to thrive (that's backed up by an enormous amount of research). This group offers the means to do so safely because they screen all attendees and locations. The owner also fosters a spirit of respect, dignity and mutual consensual physical touch such as hugging and cuddling. The surroundings were pleasant and well thought out. A lot of care went into each and every detail of every event and they were very successful. I am looking forward to a chance to visit again and get some more hugz and cuddlez.

Note 26

This is a great place, very welcoming and is great in making sure that you are able to cuddle or take you time to cuddle if you are shy. The hosts are wonderful and always a great experience and I always look forward to my time here.

Note 27

I am a huge fan of cuddling and when Spoonz had to close because of COVID, I was very sad... I LOVED that place. Fortunately, the owner of Spoonz has decided to open Hugz and Cuddlez and I couldn't be more excited if I tried. I am totally ready to jump back into a cuddle puddle and drift off in bliss. Thank you so much for bring such a warm and welcoming place back to life.

Note 28

I love this place! Now, I've never visited the Redmond location before. I've only been when it was in the International District. Unfortunately, I only had a couple of chances to visit and participate in the cuddling before COVID hit. Had I known that we'd be faced with a worldwide pandemic, I would've gone every day! Hugz & Cuddlez really meets a need that a lot of people don't realize they have. Since physical touch is my primary love language, I really appreciated having the space available for me to get my touch needs met, in a way that feels incredibly safe to me.

Note 29

The host is amazing... Welcoming, personable, attentive, generous. The space was wonderful to be in... Both indoor and outdoor accommodations. Best of all, I believe, is that each person at the party is curated through careful interviewing and vetting process. This detail made it both a safe and a reassuring environment. It was a very hot evening, so cuddling did not begin immediately. In the meantime, conversations were had while enjoying snacks from a bountiful spread and admiring various interesting objects of decor, curated and created. I met people there that I definitely want to see again...people with whom I can see quality friendships developing in the future.

Note 30

We believe in the importance of therapeutic touch and personal and physical contact. This group feeds that human need for cuddling and hugging other individuals and feeling part of a whole rather than always isolated. Their events are very well thought out. All the participants are personally vetted by the organizer and we would definitely recommend this experience. It will change your life!!

Note 31

I love attending their events. As a female, even when cuddling with new people, I always feel safe and looked after. I like that it is so inclusive and there are never any wallflowers left without partners to snuggle with. If you like touch, without the pressure of worrying if things are going to go too far, this is definitely something to check out.

Note 32

Attended my first cuddle party yesterday and it was fantastic. The people and the energy were great with the diversity of people to just get to know. I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

Note 33

Attended my first cuddle party yesterday and it was fantastic. The people and the energy were great with the diversity of people to just get to know. I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

Note 34

My partner and I attended a cuddle party and really enjoyed the quality of the space and the caliber and diversity of the other attendees! Very safe, clean, friendly and so much fun!!! We will definitely be attending future events. Thank you so much for creating this space for expression!

Note 35

Best cuddle parties in the Seattle area! The owner is on a mission to bring cuddling to the world, and I go to as many of his events as I possibly can.

Note 36

Just want to say thank you again so much for being such a welcoming and wonderful host. I really appreciated that you actively checked in with me and included me; I felt very seen. It made a big difference! The massage was wonderful, and the cuddles at the end were exactly what I needed. I felt very content! I will definitely be back. See you then!